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Environment, Conservation and Outdoor Camps

As part of our mission to educate coastal communities, we organize immersive multi-day workshops to bring basic marine science and ecological concepts to communities across the VIP.


We introduce key concepts about sustainability and conservation through various interactive lessons and hands-on activities.


We connect residents and individuals from various barangays and bring them together through learning, giving access to information and providing tools and resources to often isolated communities. Our goal is to show people living in and around the passage, from school children to teachers, the value of the VIP and its local and global significance.


Through our Ecocamps, we hope to foster stewardship among communities in these regions and cultivate ocean advocacy. 

Lobo Ecocamp May 2019 - 12_edited_edited.jpg

Camps and Partners

  • Ateneo Grade School

  • Canadian-American School

  • Batangas State University Integrated School

  • First Gen Corporation

  • Tingloy, Batangas Youth

  • Rotary Club - Makati West

  • Brother Philippines, Inc.

  • Malabrigo, Lobo Elementary School

  • Malabrigo, Lobo High School

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